I uncovered some favourite books while unpacking. It must be one of the best things about moving – remembering why they sit up there on my shelves. I want to read everything again or immediately (if I haven’t) and all at once, and soak up their subjects’ nimble fingers and minds to be inspired to draw and stitch. My rescued plant is enjoying the sunshine too.

(Click on the photos for my musings.)


Abel collaboration


I did a little sketch of my nephew Nate, while chatting with my family over tea one visit. It turned up in the mail after it had been added to by my youngest nephew (two and a half years old). I am quite proud! My sister said he is so careful with his lines and lots of little gorgeous shapes/creatures are emerging in his drawings. Perhaps I should orchestrate some more collaborations! What a champ!

New guy

Just like this guy. Out in the world today ready to serve his baby master.

Christmas present for my travelling companion: handmade hardcover book of photographs using Hahnemuhle paper, remnants of liberty print fabric and our maps of New York City and Texas. Double-sided tape and a template made the photo placement relatively carefree.

This was a satisfying project as I put some bookbinding lessons from 10 years ago to use, along with help from a favourite book on the subject ‘How to Make Books‘ by Ester K. Smith, and some online advice from a very helpful prolific bookbinder that led to a satisfying solution to binding 80 (?) pages (40 pages with double thickness in the spine to account for height of the photos) – Chicago screws! And now my toolbox includes a proper hole-punching kit – works well with a borrowed hammer.


*I opened my travel notebook to a drawing of New York’s famous Katz’s Deli sign after writing this post.


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