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I’m happily collaborating on a series of handmade books at the moment, with the wonderful and talented Stephanie Hicks and Margaret Goninon. It’s one of Craft Cubed Festival’s satellite events and opens on 1 September at Toorak/South Yarra Library on 1 September. There’s more information here:

Craft Cubed runs from 1 August to 21 September and there’s information about all the events at the link:


Lost time making a combined birthday card yesterday afternoon, before dressing as Buddy Holly the waiter (Pulp Fiction: “What about you Peggy-Sue?”). Still running my fingers through slicked back hair now. Delicious!

Working on a new website.

I’ve just sent off my collage for Papirmass and Brown Paper Bag‘s Collage Scrap Exchange (details here). Paired with Elena in Israel, we exchanged envelopes full of paper ephemera to combine with our own fodder and make a collage under the theme of ‘new landscapes’.

I had plenty of diverse material thanks to Elena! and especially loved the prints of inky wash drawings she sent. It was a pleasure to take part in another exchange and I’m enjoying checking out the entries posted by Sara Barnes on Brown Paper Bag.


Fourteen artists joined me in a collaborative project a couple of months ago. It’s online at until 31 August and its participants are Alex Falkiner, Brook Morgan, Brigitte Bättig, Carly Altree-Williams, Emily Penso, Elizabeth Pedler, Emma Griffin, Emily O’Brien, Emily Penso, Olivia Sherwood, Rachel Pringle, Rozalie Sherwood, Travis Heinrich and Wendy Meyen (including my mother and two sisters).

The exhibition is part of Craft Victoria’s annual festival Craft Cubed (1-31 August). Here’s an extract of my interview with Craft Cubed about the project: (The full interview is here.)

Explain the concept of The Homemade Exchange

The Homemade Exchange is a collaboration and online exhibition. A couple of months ago I was new to Instagram and enjoying being part of a friendly network with a focus on shared images. The Homemade Exchange came out of a desire to build on this kind of connection and to collaborate with close friends living overseas. I wanted to create a playful task with an element of exchange and as my circle grew, I wanted it to be easy enough for people to manage alongside other commitments. Artists emailed me an image – something from a domestic setting – and I sent them back a photo from another participant (randomly chosen) to respond to. Everyone is making an artwork in a medium of their choice and documenting their work for our online exhibition. It’s quite a curious task to respond to someone else’s source material and I’m looking forward to the responses. 

You can see what each artist had to work with and how they responded here: The responses include a felted vessel inspired by a stone-walled garden; a collage of dancers mimicking a shadowy line of silhouetted objects; a digital film with a beautiful sequence and crescendo of reflections, a sideboard laden with curios becomes a quilted pillow made from 250 pieces (!) and a drawing from gold leaf and mould inspired by the creased cover of a worn notebook. Divine! (I may be implicated here but I am sure I would be impressed with the variety of techniques and thoughtfully crafted responses on display, regardless!)

My response

I responded to Alex Falkiner’s photo of what I imagined was her workspace, with drawings and textile works in progress alongside flowers and objects. I felt the image was strongly evocative of her and her art practise so I decided to focus on her hands in action. The appliquéd pieces are kimono silk offcuts I brought back from a trip to Japan. The orientation changed a couple of times in the process of working out the image and I happily added a couple of embroidery stitches to my repertoire. (Youtube has such excellent demonstrations – see Mary Corbet.)



The back of ‘Alex’s hands tinker’, embroidery and appliqué on cotton handkerchief, 25 x 26cm



Pass it on!